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Why Almost Everyone Is Dead Wrong About How To Train To Improve Vertical Jumping Ability!

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Dear Friend,

If you’re truly interested in adding inches to your vertical, I mean really increasing your ability to get up there, have more hang time, block more shots, and slam it down more viciously than you ever imagined… this will be the most exciting message you will ever read.

Because of the advanced training techniques in this vertical training DVD, you will literally have an unfair advantage over every other player you are likely to come up against. Here’s why:

Most training techniques to increase vertical jumping ability are outdated, based on myth, heresay, and are just plain unscientific.

Researchers in physiology will conduct experiments and write up highly technical reports in obscure journals (read mostly by bookworm academic types.) This information then gets distilled, filtered down and written up in coaching and training magazines. Coaches and trainers then accept as gospel, this information and begin rushing headlong into applying every new theory to the real world. Only to find the “theories” failing to produce measurable results in improving vertical jumping ability. Why?

Because most of these research experiments have been relying exclusively on variations of traditional “old school” and counterproductive plyometric training.

You’ve probably seen the ads and/or sent for information on how to improve your vertical by 12 inches or more, only to find you’ve been ripped off by a company telling you to jump rump and jump off kitchen chairs. I have to tell you; This is nonsense.

New scientific research proves what you already know if you’ve tried these programs. Plyometric training alone produces very little, if any, increases in vertical jumping ability.

New Training Secrets which Produce Quick Results!

There is, however, a way to achieve your “vertical” goals. A handful of athletes already know these powerful training secrets and the “inside” training techniques revealed on the new video. These athletes agree that by using this training method you’ll be on the fast track for gaining...

Maximum Vertical in Minimum Time!

This DVD (there are three programs on one DVD) are detailed, very intense, and are the scientific application of proven “advanced training” methods. They are designed to take your vertical to the next level-where you’ll get gains of up to 52.6% over any previous plymometric approaches. Results that separate the elite leapers with 40 inch verticals or more.

Even more important, you’ll learn super-hot techniques for getting up in the air so advanced...

Most Coaches And Trainers Don’t Know About Them Yet!

The training secrets revealed in this video have finally allowed athletes to make gains in vertical leaping ability as fast as humanly possible. What you’ll learn here will instantly turn your training session into monster workouts that bring new vertical gains so fast, you’ll be tempted to doubt your own vertical leaping ability. It’s true, once you learn these techniques...

You’ll actually begin to scare your teammates with your in the air “vertical” progress.

You’ll have an unfair advantage over all your opponents, too, because you’ll not only be training in a truly scientific way… but you’ll also be training in a manner that fits your physiology.

  1. You will begin to see twice the vertical gains you made with plyometric training in half the time… with more blocked shots than you ever dreamed possible.
  2. You will begin to feel great all of the time-because the necessary aches and pains from incorrect training will vanish overnight.
  3. And, finally, you will start getting RESPECT like you’ve never experienced before. Do you know why? Because the guy who used to shoot that fall away jump shot over you will now eat it for supper. Every time… guaranteed.

You Don’t Want To Be The One Without A Massive Vertical In Today’s Game!

Now, maybe this type of shot blocking, in your face dunking, “respect” isn’t that important to you. Perhaps because you’ve never experienced the rush of adrenaline that goes with sending your opponents shot back into the stands. It’s mind blowing! You see, the athletes that have used these new training techniques have made incredible gains over old-fashioned plyometric training. Huge gains are not uncommon, once you start using a more “advanced” scientific approach. That’s the power of this new information which for the most part has been kept secret by the elite athletes and trainers that know and understand how to use this system.

Now these same “inside” training secrets can be yours. We hear from these in-the-know athletes occasionally and the stories they tell are incredible. Some who have, almost overnight, developed vertical jumping abilities that defy description.

I have spent over fifteen years researching this enourmously effective concept of training; talking with the experts and physiology “insiders” about every possible aspect of training-diet, how often to train, when to train, energy boosting tricks, fitting the training routines into a hectic schedule, and more.

The details of this new training regimen may shock you, especially if you have read other reports of plyometric or have the various “jump shoe” type products on the market.

This video is simply amazing. Here is just a sample of what you’ll learn...

  • Why there’s no such thing as “hard gainer.” Learn the facts about genetics and how small a role they play in vertical leaping ability.
  • Learn how often to train and why this may be the most important element in increasing your vertical.
  • Why “full range motion” plyometric can actually slow down your progress.
  • A ridiculous simple “weighted” exercise that must be performed if you want to maximize your vertical.
  • Why the order in which you do specific exercise sets is so crucial to your progress.
  • Where to buy a couple of key (but little known) exercise products those top athletes use but don’t talk about. (One of these products allows you to literally cheat on your workouts and yet make huge gains not possible without it. The product allows you to “hit” a part of your leg when training that gives your body no other choice than to increase its vertical jumping ability.)
  • Learn which nutrient supplement can actually boost your vertical. You’ll be surprised here. And, you’ll know exactly what to eat and when to take supplements for maximum benefits.
  • What Russian and Eastern-block athletes do to increase their vertical. And what exercise Russian trainers insist their players become proficient in.
  • What muscle soreness is really telling you.
  • Why the experts in plyometric training are dead wrong in their training advice.
  • How to get yourself into a mental “zone” for super growth in vertical leaping ability.
  • Which foods to eat in combination that can put you light years ahead of other athletes, including a trick many NBA & NFL stars are now using.
  • Some amazing energy boosters for leaving your opponent in the dirt when you should both be exhausted.
  • How to avoid the really dumb mistakes most people make when training to increase vertical jumping ability.
  • How to find weak spots that may be holding you back.
  • And much more.

Now you can see why this is creating such a stir in the sports world. The possibilities are truly staggering. It’s all on one DVD with three separate programs called “Maximum Vertical In Minimum Time.”

Listen. If you absolutely have to jump higher this season… you need this DVD.

This DVD will literally change your basketball career forever. And more than any other system , it’s designed to work in the real world… because that’s the world you live in. I’m going to make it as easy and as simple as possible for you to try this amazing training system out for yourself.

We have spent years of research time and did weeks of filming and editing, making this package everything it should be. At first we thought about making the “elite” course available only to major colleges and professional athletes who could afford a very steep price tag. After all, some athletes will pay almost anything to get even a very small advantage over their competition as it can mean literally millions of dollars in “contract” earnings.

Here’s more of what you’ll learn:

  • New (and simple) exercises that actually install animal like quickness and explosiveness directly into your muscles and nerves… leaving it locked and ready until you pull the trigger! (Go from calm to down right frightening in a split second, whenever you choose… anywhere on the court.
  • How to use explosive jump training… so effective, your friends will think your taking steroids.
  • Leverage vertical training secrets that multiply every pound of your weight 10 times, giving you rocket to the moon jumping ability. It makes sure you can win each and every jump ball situation you ever encounter
  • How to immediately pump over 45% more raw power into every dunk you deliver
  • How to kick ass in the 4th quarter while your opponent is dead tired
  • How to shock your leg muscles and make them more like coiled springs
  • How to make sure the body parts responsible for jumping are given no other choice but to grow and fast!

This Will Be Your Secret!

And for Pete’s sake don’t share this information with anyone! Why? Because…if you do… in a very short amount of time your friends and teammates will be blocking your shots! Believe me, you don’t need that kind of trouble. Like I said, let’s keep this between you and me and just a handful of other customers Seriously, having the right training information gives you an unbelievable advantage over everyone who uses plain old plyos to jump higher.

Because Maximum Vertical training gives you unbelievable power… your size doesn’t matter any more either. I don’t care if you are short , “white” and flat-footed… this video will suddenly make your vertical jumping ability explosive, dominating and perhaps even a little vicious.

But no need to tell everyone how you’ve been training… they’ll be broadcasting it to everyone in the gym when you go to work in the air. You don’t have to say a thing.

And what’s really funny is that any fool that tries to block your shots is like a little weasel sniffing around a bear trap. He has no clue just how hard you’re going to dunk on him. You’ll choose when you want to use your new springs to humiliate any opponent. Surprise, surprise! It won’t take long for this punk to realize he shouldn’t have pissed you off in front of the home crowd.

I only ask that you train hard and use the materials wisely. You don’t have to dunk on every play… even if you can.

So here’s what you need to do right now: Simply click on the button below:

... or call the office and tell whoever answers that you want the Maximum Vertical In Minimum Time DVD. That number is 815-259-4552.

We have a staff that is standing by 24-hours a day, 7 days a week so there’s no wrong time to phone in a credit card order.

The price for the Maximum Vertical DVD (all three programs) is $29.95 plus 5.00 shipping and handling. ( $34.95 total) It’s a generous offer since NBA players and other athletes have paid $79.95 for the program… and I’m confident you’ll love these vertical training secrets just as much as the other serious ballers who bought them did. This is the real deal.

Oh yeah, you can also pay by check or money order if you like. Just put it in an envelope and send it to:

Solutions From Science
815 W. Main St., Dept. Maximum Vertical
PO Box 518
Thomson, IL 61285

Either way, your package will be rushed out to you.



Ricky Davis

P.S. The powerful vertical building secrets in this system are especially effective for athletes who have already used “platform” shoes or any of the other old fashioned “workouts” available and have tried my system as a last resort. So, if you too have tried everything under the sun to jump higher and are frustrated with your results, this system will be especially effective for you. I’ve taken the mysteries and myths out of the vertical training and provide you with amazing, powerful, “NO BS” strategies for jumping higher. In fact, after looking at all the other stuff out there, I’m convinced nobody packs as much useful, practical information (that you can put to use right away) as I do.

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